OOC - How many of you want to play?

We’re trying to just figure out how many people we might be able to expect for the next game, when it happens. We know that there are a lot of players from the current game who want to participate in the next one, but we also want to be able to open the game to people who did not get a chance to play this round!

So just in general, how many of you guys are interested in joining SHSL Doubt for the next game?

note: this is not an application thingie, nor does it guarantee you a spot; we’re just curious ;u; the next game won’t be for at least a month or two, so don’t get too worried about being unsure or anything like that!

note number two: since someone asked, yes! this is a game similar to mafia. it’s a hybrid of roleplaying and gameplaying, with dangan ronpa and the game of rabbit doubt. uwu

  1. kuzusoldblog answered: i would be down fo r the nedxt game!!
  2. aeolianfantasist answered: I would love to, but I’m not sure I could next game? Depends if you all would be up for a third game, during summer break.
  3. jamjust answered: *raises hand*
  4. starfairy4 reblogged this from shsl-doubt and added:
    I would like to play :)
  5. hundredsofsmallbirds answered: I’m seriously interested!
  6. somethinginsidious answered: I wouldn’t mind playing myself uvu
  7. bluffliar answered: im more than interested!
  8. chlo-star answered: me!
  9. ryjelsum-dead answered: i want to pla y. yeah. i’m here i wan t to play
  10. graviefalls answered: Interested yes
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    Hello Ronpers I am here
  12. thecatinthepink reblogged this from shsl-doubt and added:
    I want to play!
  13. shslmortemmentum answered: ((just going to answer normally now otl; I’d definitely love to join again if the option is available to me ‘v’ !!))
  14. sugaryhime answered: Yeah man yeah
  15. shslcrafter answered: Of course, Boss~ xD
  16. shsltejinashi answered: me ofc ~
  17. peachpirate answered: I actually have an application ready for when you guys are gonna accept them, so newer!!
  18. bukibun answered: Yes, yes, yes yes yesyseyseyakdhfj I would love to join the next game!
  19. toujirou answered: This is like mafia, right? I’d be interested :o
  20. dreatron reblogged this from shsl-doubt and added:
    I totes want in.
  21. breadpuddi answered: :3c I’m a bit interested~
  22. actualbraginsky answered: helo it is me i would like to play
  23. shin-zen-bi answered: ((I’ll always be interested uvu))
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